Winter Wedding Advice

It’s officially winter! That means getting cozy with hot chocolate and christmas movies, sledding in the snow, and it means it’s the perfect time to have a totally unique winter wedding! In honor of the season, here’s some winter wedding tips and some unique ideas!

Some Winter Wedding Inspiration Source: Pinterest

Some winter wedding inspiration!

Winter Wedding Advice:

1.) Wear whatever you want to wear.

Winter is a great time to wear those lace sleeves you may have been wanting to try in a wedding dress, but if you don’t want the traditional warmer look for winter, don’t do it! You should be totally in love with your dress no matter the season. Plus, you can definitely opt for a strapless or sleeveless look and still get it in a heavier fabric to keep warmer.

2.) Bring out the cold weather gear!

If you do choose a dress with a little less coverage, it’s the perfect time to find a cute jacket or cover-up for those stunning outdoor pictures! Or, try out a cute faux-fur shrug or a big, warm knitted shawl!

3.) Don’t leave your bridesmaids in the cold!

The same advice above for your dress goes for the girls too! Make sure they’re comfortable with the warmth they’ll have on the big day, and if you’re bringing them outside, try to find a way to warm them up with matching shawls or jackets!

4.) Don’t worry about the weather!

Winter weddings can be beautiful in the snow, but a major snow storm can be a big point of worry for brides! Unfortunately, no one can control the weather. So, have a back-up plan that you LOVE and just take it as it comes. Your wedding will be beautiful and special regardless of any upcoming snow-pocalypse.

5.) Let the season inspire you!

Finally, don’t be afraid of letting a winter wedding be just that: a celebration in winter. Cute details like pinecones and christmas lights are perfect for that totally sweet touch you want to make the day unique.

6.) Don’t let the season overwhelm you!

That all being said, don’t feel like you have to have a christmas themed wedding in winter. If you want a classic navy and coral themed wedding in December, go for it! It is your wedding and should feel like the day that you want.


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