Wedding Day Fascinators

Inspired by our Veil Trends Trunks show, I thought I’d take a glimpse into current bridal hair trends. Whether you have long or short hair, curly or straight, your hair design is as personal as the dress you choose!

Sara Gabriel's "Astyn" Veil

Sara Gabriel's "Wendy" Veil

Keep in mind when deciding your hair style

What is the feel of your day? If you are having an outside wedding that is very casual, a stiff up-do may distract from the loose feeling of the day.

Veil Trends Triple Peacock Comb

Also be sure to consider your dress style. Take cues from the dress you chose and wear your hair in a way that compliments it. Are you wearing a veil? Take that veil to the salon with you. Have your hair stylist use that veil in several ways to see what works best with your dress and your personal style.

If you aren’t wearing a veil, what will adorn your hair? A clip, a comb, barrettes?

I like this tip: If you normally wear your hair pulled back in a pony tail and away from your face, try a look that has your hair down and more romantic. If you normally wear your hair down, try something that pulls it back and shows off your face and neck!

Most importantly, wear a style that is comfortable for you.

Best wishes, Steffane!