We had the pleasure of having Michael of Michael Lauren Weddings  DJ the Therapy Thursday that we hosted a couple weeks ago! We wanted to get to know him a little better, so we sent him our vendor highlights questionnaire! Thanks, Michael, for sharing a little about yourself.


How did you get into the wedding entertainment business?

I was always the guy my friends would ask to put together a playlist.  It just evolved gradually until I was DJing on a more regular basis.  Finally, the day came that I realized that I couldn’t bear to spend another day in a cubicle.  I made plans to quit my day job designing software, built a website for my DJ business, started advertizing, and the clients came.  As I began my career as a professional DJ, it started to become clear that weddings were my specialty.  Three years ago, I began marketing exclusively to engaged couples who were looking for more than a traditional DJ service.   

How many years have you been in the industry?

Professionally for 5 years.  

What is your favorite part of your job?

I usually end up being really good friends with my clients.  It’s such an involved process.  I help them plan one of the most important days of their lives, so we get pretty close by the time it’s all over.  I’d say that process is by far the most rewarding. 

What do you think is the best thing you have to offer to your clients?

We all know what a typical DJ service provides.  I like to throw that out the window and create something really unique for my couples.  We can really customize it so that it’s fun, engaging, and stress free, without all of the cheesy or awkward moments associated with a stereotypical wedding reception. 

 How would you describe your personal music taste and how it has affected your business?

I think that a good DJ should appreciate all types of music.  That way, the emphasis is more on what my couples want, and less on my personal agenda.   Keeping an open mind has helped me to successfully incorporate the tastes of my couples into their wedding day, and giving them the direction they need to make it a success for their entire guest list.

What do you do in your free time- just for fun?!

Honestly, I love being a DJ.  It has allowed me to do something truly enjoyable with my life.  It also gives me a flexible schedule, which is perfect, because I believe that family is extremely important.  When I’m not busy perfecting my craft, I’m spending time them, and traveling every chance I get. 

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