Vendor Highlights: JOLIE ARTISTRY

I am excited to feature the first make-up artist on the blog. Jolie Carillo-Allen is the woman behind Jolie Artistry, and she has a big job on the wedding day! One person that should not get left off the vendor list is the one who helps the bride achieve that radiant glow that lasts through tears, sweat and a ton of photos! Get to know Jolie a little better and take a look at all her lovely brides below.

How did you get into the bridal industry?  I have been in the beauty industry for 18 years now and wherever I have worked, from Las Vegas to Kansas City, brides have always been a part of my clientele.

How many years have you been doing makeup?  I have been a makeup artist for 18 years, but have had my company for 8 years now.

What is your favorite part of your job?  The best part of my job is that everyday is something new, whether it’s location or clients or job assignment.  It is always unpredictable and fun!

What do you think is the best thing that you offer to your clients?  I am very laid back, but I take my job seriously.  I also know how to read the client and situation well, which makes for a happy bride and happy wedding day!

What do you do in your free time- just for fun?!  For fun I hang out with my 2  boys Aidan and Tristan.  They are baseball boys, so I am always cheering them on.  I have always loved a live music concert and still do to this day.  I am a huge music fan!!