The Giving Season

Dresses Featured: Kirribilla Astrid and BLISS 13-13


Wrapping up a successful Food Drive for a Dress (Congrats to winner Ashley Olson!) we are continuing into the gift giving season! This year we have decorated our Christmas Tree in the window in honor of a family who needs our help. Altar Bridal has adopted a family from West Bluffs Public Housing. Public Housing Agencies were developed to provide decent and safe rental housing options for eligible low-income families, the elderly and persons with disabilities. Each candy cane on our tree represents one item our designated family has asked for this winter. We would love to invite you to help give back as well! Come by and for every item you fulfill, receive 5% off your gown purchase (up to 15% off.) Not getting married or already have your dress? This family needs our help, so we want to invite everyone to help us gather these day to day items. Please stop by or give us a ring to learn more about this opportunity to share what we have been given with those who are less fortunate. 816.926.0555