New girls on the block

Sarah and I were once described as the “dynamic duo.” As a mother-daughter team, I have to say that’s pretty accurate because when I look at our lives we have different paths yet always end up on the same journey together. Sarah’s path this past year has included graduation from William Jewell College with a degree in both Accounting and Business.  She also has moved into her own place, got a sweet little puppy named Georgia and has the most amazing fiancee, Jack. That’s right, she’s getting married this year!  As I write this we are 29 days from her wedding! As her mama, Sarah has kept me quite busy this year, but my husband Matt and I also have 3 sons who are married to our beautiful daughter-in-laws and our family as a whole is always in a state of happy chaos. We’ve recently celebrated our youngest son’s wedding in April and our first grandchild in June!  So while Sarah has been beginning to write the story of her future, I was settling into this new role as an “empty nester.”  Sarah and I have always had a vision of creating a bridal business that would allow brides and their families to experience the joy in the wedding journey.  That journey usually starts with the perfect dress. That journey to the perfect dress should include everything you’ve imagined, the magic, that feeling, the goosebumps and sometimes the tears. So as Sarah and I bring our life paths together and begin our journey at Altar we hope that you will find your way to Altar too. We’d love to give you the experience you’ve always dreamed of to start you on your path to wedded happiness!


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