Purchased your perfect gown? The next step is to find your special shoes! We all love photographs of real brides kicking up their dress to show off their flashy heels, so here are a few tips to keep in mind when shoe shopping:

  1. Begin your search ASAP once you have purchased your gown. Remember that shoe availability varies by season, so waiting until winter to purchase a shoe for a fall wedding may be a little too late to find an appropriate shoe that your looking for. Also, by shopping early, you have a better chance at hitting a great on-sale steal!
  2. Pretty does not necessarily mean comfortable. If you’ve fallen in love with a gorgeous pair that you may not be able to last all evening in, don’t be afraid to buy a comfy back-up pair! Wear the flashy blue stilettos for the ceremony and snap some fun picks showing them off. When it’s time to take off your veil and add on your sparkly sash, switch those shoes too! Nobody will see them under your floor-length gown unless you show them. Remember, the most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a back-up pair is the heel height. Even a half-inch difference will mess with the custom alterations of your gown, so make sure the height of both pairs match perfectly!
  3. Getting hitched outside? Choose a wedge! This will make your farm photographs or grassy cocktail hour much more enjoyable by avoiding sinking heels. And they’re super cute, too.
  4. Decide on shoes before your first alterations appointment… and bring them with you! The hem of your gown should graze right on the floor. Having the perfect height for your first alterations appointment will make the process easier for you.
  5. Pick whichever shoes you want! Just because it is your wedding day doesn’t mean that your shoes have to be “bridal.” If a perfect pair of nude pumps is calling your name, it’s ok to wear those on your wedding day (and many days after, too!).