Real Bride: Shelby M.

From the bride: Oh Gosh! Where to start- I met my now husband at K-State. He is a little older but, he stopped by our house to see what is now my twin sister’s husband. It wasn’t love at first site. Don’t be fooled I thought he was a little full of himself and it didn’t help that I drank too much the night before.  REMEMBER I was only in college! So months went by and we went down to the K-State Fiesta bowl game in Arizona. There a group of us that all met up low and behold Tyson Vap was there and by the end of the night we realized we actually really liked one another.  We had so much in common. His family had a business; they had cattle, were hard working which was very similar to my family and upbringing. By the time I left Arizona I was stuck in what the rest of my buddies called the “Vap Trap.” HA!  We talked and traveled to see one another however, long distance was hard. We lived clear across the state of Kansas from one another.  After months of this back and forth he asked if I would move to his hometown Atwood, KS. So I did, about a year later I threw him a surprise birthday party. Little did I know he was the one with a surprise. He asked me to marry him and I was completely shocked! Obviously, I said yes. 

At the wedding we did a lot of really cool things. One thing we did was a branding in place of a unity candle. Tyson has always had cattle with his dad and they used the same brand. Now he changed it and we have our own that is registered with the state of Kansas. So both his dad and my dad branded each side of a board and we did ours in the middle.  It may seem a little non-traditional, but I promise, it was meaningful!

Other than that I would say the most important part of our day was just all the love we had. There were 400 plus guests and half of them came all the way from Atwood, KS which is almost 6 hours away! We really are super fortunate to have such loving family and friends. I could tell so many funny stories about the wedding day! But to sum it up it was perfect.  I wouldn’t say there were any mishaps- maybe a little too much Crown Royal was drank but, that is because Tyson’s one request was that we have a Crown Fountain! Country artist Lucas Maddy sang at our wedding so we had the opportunity to hear him practice the night before and he sang a song that he wrote for Tyson and I which was very special. It was an unforgettable day. Plus, I got to marry the sweetest, most kind-hearted, hard-working man I have ever met. Even after being married for awhile I still sometimes stop and think. How did I get so lucky? I have a wonderful family, he has a wonderful family, and then I got to marry Tyson who really just is the icing on the cake! I couldn’t ask for more.


Tyson & Shelby

October 8, 2016

Venue for Ceremony and Reception: Miles Family Farm

Gown: Poipu by Katie May

Sash: Alice Belt by Untamed Petals

Veil: Beautiful Veil by Astrid & Mercedes

Beauty:  Makeup by Katia Figuero-Acevedo

Bridal Party Hair: Do or Dye Salon & Spa in Kansas City, KS

Photography: Melissa & Beth

Wedding Coordinator: Belle Journee KC

Floral: Poppy & Clover