Real Bride: Sadie R.

Sadie came in just a few short months before her wedding day with two major requirements: she wanted a dress with color and she wanted to look like The Evil Queen! To begin with we thought, oh my goodness! What will we show this bride who wants to look like an evil queen. But once we met Sadie, it all started coming together! Anna Campbell offers a beautiful color called bone that has a subtle grey hue which we knew would be easy to tie into a darker mood. The exquisite beading through the bodice and cap-sleeve made her look like royalty and as if she was literally dripping with jewels. She knew that a cape was a must have, so she commissioned a hand-made cape to be made of a luxurious satin in a slightly deeper silver! We think she looked so glamorous and we can tell she had the time of her life playing queen for the day.We are so happy to finally be posting these striking photos of Sadie and Cole’s fairy tale wedding! Enjoy.








From the bride: When it comes to our love story, we wrote the book on sappy clichés! I first spotted Cole in the hallway of our high school and knew it was love at first sight. So, naturally, I continued to stalk the poor guy around the school secretly for months until he got the hint and nervously asked me out. We have been dating ever since. We have never once broken up and have been together for the last 9 years. Quite a feat if you ask me, I am very tough to be around.

Opposites attract is the standard of our relationship. Cole is extremely bright and has his masters in accounting. He is introverted, crazy about Star Wars, and loves to watch sports. Before me, Cole enjoyed his only child lifestyle of lazing around and pretty much excelling at everything he tried. Then I came into the picture and introduced him to my large, wild, extroverted family and forced him to like it! Unlike Cole, I have a degree in Nutrition that I don’t use and work as a carpenter (yeah still trying to figure that one out). I love to run, wear all black, watch scary movies, and pretty much rule and annoy everyone I come across. Oh, and did I mention I’m obsessed with superheroes?? We are a nerdy match made in heaven.

But there is one thing we can both agree on, we LOVE to travel! Kansas is our forever home but we really enjoy traveling to other countries. Last year, Cole proposed on a secluded bridge in Venice, Italy and we plan on Honeymooning in Paris, France.

When it came to our wedding I knew I wanted it to be a mashup of both our tastes. However, I kind of took complete control and made it all about me. Do I feel guilty? No, not at all, I gave him a Star Wars Death Star groom’s cake after all. Plus, he told me to leave him out of the planning as much as possible. Now I am guilty of watching, Four Weddings, every Friday religiously so I knew exactly what I wanted to look like on my big day. Let’s just say I wanted to look like the evil badass Queen I know I was born to be. Taking inspiration from my black diamond engagement ring I wanted to incorporate black into the color scheme. It was easy to come up with bouquet ideas because I made a play on both of our last names. I had black calla lilies (after Cole Lilly) and red roses (after my last name Roesner, pronounced Rose-ner). Throw in my beautiful Anna Campbell dress that was both sexy and warrior woman-like, plus my custom hand-made silver cape and it was superhero evil queen in it for the win! My favorite memory from the wedding was getting to see Cole’s face morph from a stunned awe to a, “you would” kind of look, as I proudly strutted my stuff down the aisle in my beautiful gown ensemble.

Sadie & Cole

September 3, 2016

Venue for Ceremony & Reception: Liquid Art Winery Manhattan, KS

Gown: Annabella by Anna Campbell

Hair & Make-up: Hair Experts Salon & Spa

Photography: Sara Clance Photography

Florist: Lauren Quinn Flower Boutique Salina, KS