Real Bride: Regan B.

From the bride: Jason and I met through a mutual friend and the first time we met it was at the most romantic place ever- Best Buy.  Haha! So that story isn’t super great, but kind of funny. 

We had been dating for 5 years when we got engaged.  The week before we got engaged I had a horrendous cold and Jason kept trying to get me to go to the doctor and stay home from work.  He’s not one to push doctors and looking back now, that should have been suspicious.  The day was May 9, 2015.  I had to go to a meeting that morning and Jason said he was spending the day golfing with his buddies.  My friend was going to come over and take me to lunch and we were just going to have a girls’ day.  When my friend, Brittany came over, she was carrying a huge vase filled with white lilies (my fave).  I thought she brought them because I had been so sick.  She handed me an envelope.  Inside the envelope was a card with pictures of Jason and I on the front.  Inside, the card had a poem and basically explained that I would be going on a scavenger hunt that day.  I was super pumped- still not suspecting the day would end with a proposal… So Brittany was to take me around Overland Park and hit all the places that were important to Jason and me.  Of course, Best Buy was the first stop.  At each stop, there was a present and another card with another clue to the next stop.  This kid had really thought out EVERYTHING!! The next to last stop we went to was Cheesecake Factory.  The clue at this location made me cry.  This poem told me that I was going to go get my nails done.  After I read it I started crying because I knew Jason was going to propose.  I had always joked with him saying that if he was ever going to propose he needed to make sure I had my nails done because I didn’t want to have whack looking gross fingers!  So after getting my nails done, Brittany drove me back home.  I figured Jason was going to take me to dinner that night and propose to me then.  As I walked into our house, I saw that he had decorated our entire living room with twinkle lights, candles, and white lilies.  Standing in the middle of it all was Jason all dressed up!!!!  I immediately started crying.  He got down on one knee and said how he couldn’t stand to go another day without me as his forever.  Some more mushy and adorable words later- we were engaged!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!  He then took me into the kitchen where he had a bottle of champagne chilling for us.  As he popped open the bubbles, he said that he knew I didn’t feel great, but he had made dinner reservations for us.  I was like- this guy just planned an entire day for me, no matter how bad I feel, I’ve got to go to this dinner!  So I told him I would go for sure.  He said- awesome, but first we need to stop by my parents’ house because they know what’s going on and they want to see us!  So off we went to his parents’ house.  On the way I was like- shoot! I should call my parents!  I called my mom, and she DIDN’T ANSWER!!! I mean, what else could she have been doing other than answering my call on the day I got engaged?!  I tried my dad and he picked up.  He said mom was right by him, so I excitedly told them what had just happened.  They were both very excited, but for some reason, kind of in a hurry to get off the phone with me… I didn’t think anything of it and we said goodbye and agreed to speak later that night.  When we pulled up to Jason’s parents’ street, there were cars EVERYWHERE!!! Jason had surprised me again.  He planned a huge party with all of our friends and families!!! Needless to say, more crying followed along with lots of hugs, high fives, smiles, drinks, and eating!!!!  So that’s our engagement story.

Jason and I love the beach and all-inclusive resorts, so it was a no brainer to have a beach wedding and turn it into a vacation for our guests.  We went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic where we had a sunrise wedding on December 1st.  We took our parents, siblings, and a best friend on each side- so total we had about 20 people in attendance.  It was perfect.  The sunrise was beautiful and the weather couldn’t have been better.  It was exactly what we wanted.  After the ceremony we took some pictures and went to breakfast where the champagne flowed and the celebration continued.  That afternoon we transferred to an adult’s only resort to have our honeymoon. 

After the honeymoon, we came back to Kansas City and had our reception a week later at Abe and Jake’s Landing in Lawrence where more of our family and friends came to celebrate with us.  The whole wedding was just a big party from start to finish and we couldn’t be more pleased with how it all turned out!!

Jason and Regan

December 1, 2016

Venue for Ceremony and Reception:  Ceremony- Excellence Punta Cana Dominican Republic    Reception- Abe and Jake’s Landing

Gown: Elise by Wtoo

Hair & Make-up:  Beach wedding- Brantley Bennett and Cortney Jonas-Burnos  Reception- Marci Young

Photography: Beach- family and friends  Reception- Lindsay Clipner

Catering: Brancato’s 

Cake: Dolce Bakery