Real Bride: Nicollette T.














From the Bride:

Joe and I met working together at a kid’s day camp. We actually went to the same high school, but since we were in different grades, we didn’t actually know each other. I would always force my age group to go do whatever his was so that we would have a reason to talk to each other. Our bosses totally encouraged it though!

The Wedding:

I was (and still am) obsessed with my dress. It was definitely the talk of the night, particularly the skirt. I have never felt more beautiful, and the dress just felt SO me. Cornhole (or bags) is something that we love, and whenever we have people over we like to play lawn games. We rented a cornhole game and huge Jenga for our guests to play outside during the reception. It was a big hit!

A highlight for me personally was having my great-uncle perform the ceremony. It was so special to have someone who was such a big part of my life perform one of the biggest moments of my life. It felt like home saying “I do”. Another highlight was just how much family was at the wedding. These are the people who are going to surround us in every season of our life, and it meant so much to have them as part of our day.

Joe and I have an inside joke about pineapples, so we incorporated as many pineapple related things as possible into the day. On some of the napkins there were foil gold pineapples, and on the pen tray for the guestbook sign in we have a vase with pineapple filigree. We didn’t really tell anyone about it, but it made wedding shopping a bit more fun for him!

We are very competitive about EVERYTHING. When we go to the grocery store we’ll compete to find items first, it’s that bad. So when we were talking about gifts we would exchange, I was determined to win. I actually went and recorded our wedding song to play as our first dance. I didn’t really “announce” what was happening since I thought it would be kind of awkward, but it was a fun little thing for Joe and I.

Nicollette & Joseph
June 23, 2018
Venue: 8th & Main
Gown: Wtoo
Veil: Sara Gabriel
Hair & Make-up: Hello Lovely
Photography: Emily Vernacchia of Candid Creative Photography
Rentals: Ultrapom