Real Bride: Meghan H.















From the Bride:

How they Met:

Matthew  and  I  met  on, and  I  think  we  both  knew  from  the  beginning  this was something  different.  I  had  canceled  my  membership  and  had  one  month  left,   and  decided  to answer  Matthew’s  message.  Best  decision  I  have  ever  made. We  went   to  Café  Trio  for  dinner and  we  continue  to  go  back  on  anniversaries.

The Proposal:

About  ten   months  after  we  met,  Matthew  took  me  to  Vermont  and  proposed  at  the  bottom  of  a waterfall  hike.  It  was  an  amazing  trip,  we  got  to  stay  in  our  little  engaged  bubble  for   four  days and  just  ate  all  of  the  good  food  and  went  zip lining.  We  even  went  to  Ben   and  Jerry’s  factory to  try  all  of  the  ice  cream.

Special Details:

Ice  cream  is  one  of  our  favorite   desserts  and  we  live  2  blocks  from  Betty  Rae’s  in  Waldo,  which can  be  dangerous.   So,  for  our  wedding  we  asked  Betty  Rae’s  to  bring  their  truck  and  it  was  an awesome   part  of  the  night!  Matthew  and  I  really  wanted  our  wedding  to  be  relaxed  and  fun. We wanted  all  of  our  favorite  people  in  one  place  to  just  enjoy  each  other.  And  that   is  exactly  what happened.  Two  of  our  good  friends  were  our  DJs  and  created  a  great   atmosphere  for  people  to just  be  together  and  celebrate  with  Matthew  and  I.  At  the   end  of  the  day,  we  just  wanted  to  be married  to  each  other  and  it  was  an  amazing   day.

First Look:

One  thing  Matthew  felt  strongly  about,  was  not  seeing  me  until  I  walked  down  the  aisle.  I  was  a little  worried  about  timing  and  how  the  day  would  go  if  I  couldn’t   see  him  before  to  do pictures and  just  in  general  not  seeing  him  all  day  might  make   me  anxious.  However,  that  was the  best part  of  the  day,  seeing  him  for  the  first  time.   He  pushed  to  have  that  for  a  reason  and  it  made the  day  all  the  more  amazing.  My   favorite  memory  of  the  day  is  seeing  him  as  the  doors opened and  making  a  crazy   smiling  face  at  him.

I  felt  amazing  in  my  dress  and  loved  how  it  reflected  my   personality.  That  shows  in  all  of  our  photos  from  the  day.  When  you  feel  confident  in   what  you’re  wearing  it  reflects  in  your  attitude  as  well.  Matthew  couldn’t  stop   talking  about  how  beautiful  I  was  in  the  dress  and  it  made  the  day  all  the  better.  I   couldn’t  have  asked  for  a  more perfect day and the days since have been just as great, if not better.


Matthew  and  Meghan
Ceremony:  Salem  Lutheran  Church
Venue:  The  Mission  Theatre
Gown: Wtoo
Belt: Untamed Petals
Hair Ribbon: Sara Gabriel
Hair  &  Make-­up: Bellez Design Studios–Lauren  Reyes
Photography: Taylar Loren Photography–Taylar  Reed
Floral: Final Touch Studio–Rosemary Clyde
Catering: Sugar and Spice Catering
Dessert: Betty Rae’s Ice Cream Truck