Real Bride: Desiree B.

Desiree was such a fun and energetic bride to work with! Her joy and love for life seem apparent through her playful yet modern gown choice. Looking for texture and personality, we found Desiree the perfect gown in Carol Hannah’s tulle, two-piece look. Read on to learn more about Desiree’s wedding day style and approach to planning.


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From the Bride: We met in 2011 here in Kansas City at the Penn Valley Dog Park. Although we live in KC, we opted to hold our wedding in Chicago because my family lives there and they are Greek, meaning there are many of them! So it made more sense for us to go to them. Plus, it felt like a mini-destination wedding for us, which was fun. I was worried that I’d have some difficulty traveling with my gown from Kansas City to Chicago, but I was wrong. Our fellow airplane passengers were so excited to hear that we were en route to our wedding that they made room for my wedding dress to have an overhead cabin all to itself.
When I started dress shopping at Altar, I had no idea what sort of dress I would end up with. After trying a few on I was feeling uninspired, so I decided to wander around the store and admire all the beautiful gowns and accessories. As soon as my eye fell on Carol Hannah’s Tousled Bustier beside the Chambord skirt, I knew I’d found what I was looking for. Worn together, the two pieces felt playful yet sophisticated. Symbolic of how our wedding day felt too: elegant, yet so much fun!

Desiree and Tyler
June 6, 2015
Venue for Ceremony: St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Lincoln Park
Venue for Reception: Embassy Suites, Downtown Chicago
Dress: Tousled Bustier with Chambord Skirt by Carol Hannah
Veil: Customized Emily Veil by Sara Gabriel
Hair & Make-up: Civello Salon
Photography: Dan Peterson Photography



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