Real Bride: Dakota K.

Dakota Kaufman

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From the bride:

How we met: We actually had hundreds of dinners together at the K-State athletes dining hall. I played volleyball and Travis played football for Kansas State so we always seemed to give a friendly hello and side hug, but our friendship never went any further than that for all of our athletic and college careers. It wasn’t until Travis saw me one night over the summer and decided to ask for my number. He asked me on a date a few weeks later. We went to Abilene and ate at The Brookeville Hotel and then had our own s’more bonfire afterwards.

Engagement Story: On the weekend of September 18th, Travis had the whole family in on the scheme, and “family pictures” were on the agenda. We rode horseback from my family farm over to a nearby pasture with a beautiful sunset view. The pasture had an old windmill on it and Travis had snuck out there a few weeks before and created a huge sign with the words “Will You Marry Me?” on it. As a family, we rode over to the pasture and as we turned the corner to the windmill I saw the sign for the first time and instantly started crying. Travis hopped down off his horse and asked me if I would join him. Travis got down on a knee and stuttered some words before asking the question. I of course said YES and was in complete shock, but Travis had one more surprise up his sleeve. Out of nowhere Travis’ parents hopped out of hiding and joined the festivities. After a few minutes of pictures, laughter, and a handful of tears, we headed back to the Kaufman farm where all of my extended family was waiting to celebrate.

*Funny story: The sign Travis made, was actually the second sign to be made. The first sign was taken out by a windstorm and was lost forever.

Travis and I love to be outside. We enjoy going to the lake with family and friends where we tube, water ski, and wakeboard. (I actually taught Travis how to wakeboard!) We also enjoy traveling to new places and just figuring out what activities we will do when we get there. Horseback riding is also something that we both have a passion for. We love to just take a trail ride in the evening or go watch family at the rodeos close by. After we got engaged I began thinking about where we would have our wedding and two things popped into my head- it needed to be outside and in the country. We have some amazing family friends that live just outside of Hillsboro that I instantly thought of for our venue. They have a beautiful estate with a pond that is absolutely breathtaking. Back when I was a sophomore in High School I had told them I wanted to have my wedding out there – they said when the time came to call them. The day after Travis and I got engaged I called them up and we set a date right then and there! It was the most perfect venue for us and we were so blessed that they let us in to their home and let us use their property.

Rustic Elegance is exactly the theme I would describe our wedding with. The Katie May dress that I wore fit that theme perfectly.  From the low back, to the lace details – it was my dream dress. For the wedding all of the colors that I picked were earth tones and very neutral. The groomsmen wore navy blue suits and the bridesmaids wore a silver sage with the exception of my maid of honor who wore a floral print! We had eucalyptus everywhere along with all white flowers. We served brisket and pulled pork and danced the night away with a live band! The day was absolutely amazing and we enjoyed every second of it!

Dakota & Travis

June 18, 2016

Venue for Ceremony and Reception: Kleiber House- Hillsboro, KS (Family Friends Estate)

Gown: Lanai by Katie May

Lauren Veil by Sara Gabriel

Hair & Make-up: Allison and Holly from Eric Fisher- Wichita, KS

Photography: Justin Lister Photography

Band: Tanner Dirks Band

Bridesmaid Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu