Real Bride: Bailee W.

Wedding Day Details, Real Bride Bailee W, Photo by Claire Ryser Photo

Wedding Day Details


Getting Ready, Real Bride Bailee W, Photo by Claire Ryser

Getting Ready


Dress from Anna Campbell, Real Bride Bailee W, Photo by Claire Ryser Photo

Dress from Anna Campbell


Veil from Sara Gabriel, Real Bride Bailee W, Photo by Claire Ryser

Veil from Sara Gabriel


A First Look with Dad, Real Bride Bailee W, Photo by Claire Ryser Photo

A First Look with Dad


The Bride and Groom, Real Bride Bailee W., Photo by Claire Ryser

The Bride and Groom


Flowers by Good Earth Floral, Real Bride Bailee W. Photo by Claire Ryser Photography

Flowers by Good Earth Floral


The Bridal Party, Real Bride Bailee W, Photo by Claire Ryser

The Bridal Party


Real bride Bailee W, Photo by Claire Ryser


Real bride Bailee W, Photo by Claire Ryser


Flower Girls, Real bride Bailee W, PHoto by Claire Ryser

Flower Girls


The Ceremony at the Midland, Real Bride Bailee W, PHoto by Claire Ryser Photo

The Ceremony at the Midland


First Kiss as Husband and Wife, Real Bride Bailee W, PHoto by Claire Ryser

First Kiss as Husband and Wife


Reception, Real Bride Bailee W, Photo by Claire Ryser



From the Bride:

How they Met:

Although we (apparently) met at YMCA camp in elementary school, we first began dating when I was a freshman in high school and Ryan was a Junior. I remember Ryan taking me to my first haunted house. I was pretending to be more scared than I actually was so that he would protect me. We shared a love for cheese, which still plays a pretty big role in my life. I would go to all his football games even though I’m not a huge fan of football and he would watch chick flicks with me, which I’m convinced he “secretly” liked more than I did. Ryan was able to share his love of movies with me and I was able to share my love of music with him. Driving around with the windows down and listening to music was always my favorite.

This was the period of my life where I was grounded more often than not and I can now fully thank Ryan for his participation in most events that resulted in said groundings. My mother will never forget when Ryan got me two rabbits for valentines day. I will never forget my failed attempt at fence climbing when the police showed up at a party we were both attending. We lived in the moment, loved strongly, and fought passionately. When it came time for Ryan to go to college we went separate ways. High school romance is complicated.

Dating Again:

We each spent the next ten years learning, experiencing, growing, and maturing while still staying in contact with one another. We sought each other’s advice when it came to our current relationships and were supportive of each other even though deep down it was hard on both of us. There was always that spark that somehow kept us coming back. In the beginning of 2014 I was going through a rough time and during a snow storm I needed to quickly get out of my house in Lawrence. Ryan drove from Kansas City to Lawrence despite the weather and his not exactly snow-savvy vehicle to come get me. Like I said earlier, Ryan has always been my protector, no matter the circumstance.

A few months passed and we started dating again. We went on trips to Mackinaw Island, Jamaica, and The Dominican Republic. Shortly returning from the Dominican Republic we found out I was pregnant. This changed everything. In the months to follow we grew up faster than we probably ever thought possible and also grew closer to one another. In September we welcomed our baby girl Laila into our family and a year later Ryan proposed. These last two years have been filled with a lot of changes. It’s crazy how I now look at Ryan not only as my significant other but also as the father of my daughter. Watching him interact (make messes) with and care for Laila has made my love for him grow even stronger.

Bailee & Ryan
Venue: Midland Theater
Gown: Anna Campbell
Veil: Sara Gabriel
Hair: Annie De Vol Artistry
Make-up: Sarah Abby
Photography: Claire Ryser
Florals: Good Earth Floral
Cake: Baked Expressions
Band: KCflo
Catering: Moxie Catering
Planner: Events by Elle
Videographer: Shawn Gormley