Real Bride: Anna K.

From the Bride

How we met: Stephen and I met on our senior year of high school (2009) spring break in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I went to St. Teresa’s Academy for high school and Stephen went to Rockhurst high school, but somehow we never met until Mexico! Stephen and I spent a lot of time together before heading off to college. It was such a fun summer and we were so sad to say goodbye to each other. Stephen was going to attend KU and I was going to attend MU. Stephen and I always stayed in touch throughout college and even after. We began dating again in January of 2015.

Engagement story:  Stephen’s proposal was the biggest surprise of my life. We had definitely talked about getting married, but I did not think it would be happening for another year or so. I am a Catholic school teacher and absolutely love my school and students. Stephen knew how special this place and the people are to me, so he wanted to include them in the proposal. I was on my break at the very end of the day, meeting with another teacher in the office while the counselor was with my kids. All of the sudden, the secretary at the school told me I needed to go back to my classroom because the counselor needed me. I thought it was strange but said ok and began walking to my classroom.

When I got to my classroom the door was locked, so I peeked in the window and saw Stephen dressed very sharply! I was so confused and thought there is no way this is what is happening right now. I went in the classroom and then Stephen led me to the front of the room where all the students were standing, smiling and holding the sweetest signs saying “she said yes” and “Mrs. Westhead.” Stephen got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. My first response was “SHUT UP!” (I didn’t even realize I said that in front of my 19 3rd and 4th graders until after watching the video.) Then I obviously said “YES”. It was such a special moment. I was in shock, Stephen was so relieved it was over, and the students were beyond thrilled for us.

We went to a French restaurant near our house, Aixois, and had champagne to celebrate. Stephen then told me he planned an engagement party at our house. And WOW did he plan the best party ever. We got to our house and there was a huge tent with heaters set up in our backyard (it was December so pretty chilly out). Stephen hired some jazz players and even a bartender in the tent. All of our family and closest friends came to celebrate. I am still so impressed with all the planning Stephen did because he is usually NOT a planner AT ALL.  I will never forget December 8, 2017.

Wedding day: Stephen and I got married on October 6, 2018 at Holy Name Catholic School (where I teach). It was a magical day. Our wedding was at 2pm and the forecast was showing rain all day, but luckily it held off. After the ceremony we took wedding party photos and then headed to 2016 Main Event Space for the reception. It is true what everyone says – the day went by SO fast and we just tried to soak in every moment. When the reception ended, we were driven away in a vintage car. It was such a perfect car ride. We sipped on champagne while the driver took us around the plaza. It was barely sprinkling and the plaza was dead quiet. It felt so special. We were then dropped off at the Raphael hotel where we ordered way too much room service and then passed out!

Anna and Stephen

October 6, 2018

Venue for Ceremony: Holy Name Catholic School

Venue for Reception: 2016 Main Event Space

Corella Gown by Willowby by Watters

Beauty: Hair done by Austin Byrd

Makeup done by Beth Nelson

Photography: Tracy Routh Photography

Floral: Gregory’s Fine Floral

Band: 2 proud 2 beg