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From the Bride:
How we met:

Matt and I would both say love at first sight is real! When we met each other in the spring semester of our Freshman year at Saint Louis University, we both instantly had crushes on each other. I loved Matt’s sense of humor, his leadership, and his kindness! He loved my silliness, authenticity, and big heart.

Sophomore year, fate brought us together in the Greek housing building, Demattias Hall. Matt and his Phi Delt friends lived just down the hall from the ADPi’s and me. It was a perfect way for Matt to nonchalantly stop over to visit. We got to know each other through his company during recruitment crafting sessions, walks to class, and random visits like the time he came over seeking first aid for a cut on his hand.

Finally, the time came for the ADPis to need dates for an upcoming event, and Matt made sure he got to be mine! We danced the night away (still one of our favorite things to do) and barely made the last bus home from the event. It was a night to remember!

Matt and I have had so many fun-filled adventures since then, including traveling and studying abroad, tackling new jobs and master’s programs, and being dog-parents! We’ve loved watching each other grow up, and we admire each other’s sense of humor, work-ethic, and love for Jesus more than ever. We are so grateful for the blessings that brought us together and can’t wait for the next chapter to unfold: MARRIAGE!

Favorite parts of our big day:


We had SO much fun planning our wedding, that I’m actually considering a career in it! We loved our long engagement and determining all the exciting details of the big day. Matt and I really grew closer during this process, even though we were both busy with jobs, master’s degrees, buying a house, and planning our move across the country, as well as our wedding. Matt did an incredible job choosing the DJ and all the music for the day. I have a playlist of the songs he chose, and it is so fun to listen to them to relive the day. With the help of friends and family, we also “DIYed” many parts of our wedding including making felt succulent magnet wedding favors, large crepe paper flowers for a photo backdrop, and hand lettering many signs.


I love succulents and wanted them everywhere for our wedding! I asked all my bridesmaids to be in our wedding party by giving them a succulent that said “our wedding would succ without you!”

Uncles singing at the wedding:

Matt has 6 uncles, all with musical talent. His uncles and his cousin Jimmy did an incredible job singing at our ceremony. I was absolutely stunned by their beautiful voices and talent, as well as how special it was to have them standing up there with us. It made our ceremony feel magical.

Our church:

We are members of the church we got married in and that made it so special and authentic. That church helped shape who Matt and I are, as well as the love we share. It was important to us to share our beautiful church with the family and friends, as well as serve communion. Matt and I served communion to the bridal party, which was full of love and authenticity. That is a moment we’ll never forget.


Matt’s family is Slovenian and immersed in the original culture of their country. We without a doubt had to have polkas played at our reception. Some of the uncles who sang in our ceremony are also in a polka band. They brought their instruments, accordions and all. It was so much fun to polka around our crowded dance floor. Matt and I both got lifted on to other people’s shoulders! It was hilarious and so much fun!


Matt and I love to dance! Matt’s biggest concern leading up to the big day was whether or not the dance floor would be big enough. It turned out to be a legitimate concern because we had the most packed dance floor I’ve ever witnessed at a wedding. Matt and I started dancing right after our first dance was finished and didn’t stop until the end of the night. Like the first night we danced together, we were the last ones off the floor. It was a blast and we were VERY sweaty!


Our big day would not have been a success without our big loving families. Some of the most special moments of the day were the made through the outpouring of love from our family. At the end of the night, a family tradition on Matt’s side is that all the family surrounds the bride and groom in a circle, while Piano Man by Elton John is played. They take turns by role (cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.) to run into the center of the circle to surround us closer and give hugs, etc. It is so hilarious and special and full of love… my heart nearly burst!

Amanda & Matt
Ceremony: Christ Community Church Brookside
Reception: The Guild KC
Gown: Pepper Gown by Blush by Hayley Paige
Veil: Ivy Veil by Sara Gabriel
Make-up: Selena Marischler
Hair: Sei Bella Salon
Photography: Alea Lovely
Planner: Madison Sanders Events
Floral: Victorian Gardens
DJ: DJ Jared of Fernando Productions
Catering: Brancato’s