Real Altar Brides: Briana

Being  a bride can be difficult if you have a specific dress in mind. You can find yourself going from store to store looking for the dress and be told that it isn’t available, or that you really don’t want that style of dress anyway.

That is so unfair!

Coming into Altar is different, because we are different! If we don’t have it, we’ll find it…and not stop looking until you have the gown of your dreams!

Sure, a lot of places say this…

Want proof?

Her name is Briana. We love her.

She wanted a short dress, a fun, flirty, funky, beachy, short dress. She went all over looking for something…anything…that would fit into these criteria, with no success. Even her first trip into our store seemed unsuccessful.


Dede wouldn’t stop. She emailed pictures of new dresses to Brianna and asked lots of questions about each new dress. Dede let Brianna know about upcoming trunk shows and everytime she saw a dress that she thought could be “Brianna.” Finally, at a Modern Trousseau Trunk Show, we found a gown…and with a little work we made it the gown. It was everything she asked for.

The process took many weeks, but when she got married last week, she looked exactly how she had imagined.

Mission Accomplished!

Many Congrats to Briana!!

~Altar Girls