Real Bride: Morgan C.

Dress by Mikaella Bridal, Ceremony and Reception at Union Horse Distillery, Real Bride Morgan C.

Dress by Mikaella Bridal, Ceremony and Reception at Union Horse Distillery

Dress by Mikealla Bridal, Flowers by Anna Arnot, Real Bride Morgan C

Dress by Mikealla Bridal, Flowers by Anna Arnot

Outside the venue, Union Horse Distillery, Real Bride Morgan C

Outside the venue, Union Horse Distillery

Outside the venue, Union Horse Distillery, Real Bride Morgan C

Dress by Mikaella Bridal outside the venue, Union Horse Distillery

Inside Union Horse Distillery, Flowers by Anna Arnot, Real Bride Morgan C

Inside Union Horse Distillery, Flowers by Anna Arnot

An Aunt Officiates their wedding ceremony! Real Bride Morgan C

An Aunt officiated their wedding ceremony!

Photography by ARQ Studios, Real Bride Morgan C

Photography by ARQ Studios


From the Bride:

How they met:

Brian and I met in middle school and were close, but never that close. We lost
connection after high school and began our own paths. He moved to Dallas and I
moved to Little Rock. Facebook is wonderful and we connected with a birthday
hello I sent him. He noticed I had just moved back to KC and he had already moved
back a few years prior. First, we messaged privately for a few days and then we decided to
hang out.

Now, Brian is not a guy who picks up on the subtle things and when we
met up it was only for friendship, but I knew there was more to it after the evening
of fun and shenanigans. We went to happy hour at Summit Grille, and Top Golf later.
It was such a fun night, full of laughter and just being goofy. I invited him in for a
night cap and a quick kiss, and he finally got the hint that I had been flirting with him
all evening. He is a super cute guy. We have truly been inseparable ever since.
Being a little older made us realize there are no games to play, we kept it simple
and were engaged 2 years later.

The Engagement:

Our engagement was as sweet and simple as Brian.  To start, he took my mom with him to
look at settings for my grandmother’s diamond that was passed down to me; that
says a lot about him right there. He wanted the ring to be everything I wanted. Finally, we
had a trip to San Francisco scheduled for the week after he got the ring; but, Brian
being Brian, was concerned about me finding the ring in the luggage or having to pull
it out in security. So instead, he proposed to me on a quiet Sunday evening in our bedroom
with my ring inside of one of our dogs favorite toys- a pumpkin purse. It was so

The Wedding:

So, we got engaged in September and we had no idea what the heck to do next.
First, we looked at Pinterest together and planned from there. Then, we made all of the décor. Finally, we made sure the important things like food and the venue were where we stuck with the professionals. An Uncle as the DJ, an Aunt as our Officiant, and 4 pallets for homemade signs later, we made a wedding happen. I feel like having the entire family be part of this made it more special to all of us. I lost my father a few years back, so this was a very emotional time for me, but having his brother walk me down the aisle made the
wedding magical.

We made our wedding fun and more of a celebration than just about us. Yes, we were
the reason for the celebration, but it really was all about seeing the family and
friends that came out to start our new chapter together.

Planning and organizing the wedding was interesting, to say the least. It was not
something I would ever want to do for myself again, but we loved everyone we worked
with and had a great amount of support from all of them. I let a lot of them take the
lead and make the decisions because they were the experts, not me. I did always
have a vision and it was unbelievable how each one put their expertise to work and
made my vision a reality.

Where they are now:

Brian and I are never sitting still. We garden, cook, build tables together (mainly
because I sold his old ones), kayak, spend a ton of time with our dogs, and we love to
travel. Our lives are never boring and they never will be because we are always in
search of the next adventure. Hopefully, the next one will live up to our honeymoon
we took in the Cook Islands.

 Morgan and Brian
Venue: Union Horse Distillery
Dress: 2115 from Mikaella Bridal
Hair & Make-up: Frankies Salon- Victoria
Photography: ARQ Studios
Catering: Moxie Catering
Florist: Anna Arnot

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