Cowboy Boots and Folk Music

Just for fun, we would like to give you a glimpse into our gown collection!

We have put a sampling together here in the spirit of the outdoors. 

Dresses that make us think of getting married in the vicinity of a Red Barn.














Bonnie top and skirt by Ila Bean, Noe by Amy Kuschel, Mary Cerella by Heidi Elnora, Haleigh Regan top and skirt by Heidi Elnora, Kendra by Modern Trousseau

These gowns are one of a kind! They make us think of folk music, cowboy boots, tire swings, or antiquing on a Saturday morning. A midwest summer is humid and hot, these fabrics are light and airy, but the details are unexpected. Delicate lace, bold pattern, casual feel.  

 Heidi Elnora’s Haleigh Regan skirt comes off to unveil a mod mini!  Ila Bean’s Bonnie has two skirts to choose from; a short flirty number, or this longer bold print version. 

Modern Trousseau’sKendra is a french chiffon ribboned lace. This technique creates a three dimensional effect that really makes this dress stand apart. Amy Kuschel’s Noe, is a soft easy lace sheath gown. It has a great big, bold bow in back and a ribbon edge.

Heidi Elnora’s Mary Cerella is a store favorite! We love her bold circles along the bottom of the flared skirt. This raw silk begs to be accentuated by pops of color! 

These gowns are made to dance in, made to run in, made to really enjoy your day  in. 


Love, Stef 

 and Sarah, b/c I can’t spell:)