How to Know When You’ve Found “The Dress”

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a bride falling in love with her gown. It’s one of those sweet and loving moments that keeps us doing this every single day! We’ve come to realize that no two brides are alike when it comes to “finding the one,” but there are often some similar patterns that may mean you’re ready to say “yes to the dress!” If you’re searching for your gown and any of these listed below apply to you, you may have already found the dress:

1. If you cry while you’re in it.

This may be a little cliche, but we actually don’t see it happen that often! If you’re one of those girls who cries in a dress, you may have the easiest sign that it is “the one”! It’s definitely fair to cry in your gown, especially considering how emotional a moment it is; but if you don’t cry, no worries! Lots of brides fall head over heels in love with their gown without tears.

2. If you love it.

Cliche number two, but you definitely deserve to love the gown that you are wearing! Not only can it be a big financial investment, it’s also a big emotional investment. After all, your wedding gown is a gown like no other that you wear to celebrate the love of your life! So, if there’s just something about the dress that you can’t resist, it may be your gown!

3. If you feel beautiful.

A lot of people might feel that this is the same reason as #2, but not us! We’ve seen lots of girls love a dress that is “just so pretty,” but it overwhelmed them and took over the spotlight. That spotlight should be on the bride wearing it. The right gown will be flattering on you and look like a natural extension of your style.

4. If you can see yourself getting married in it.

When your dress comes along, it should help you to envision your big day! If you start to see how this dress fits into your wedding day, or even feel inspired to plan others things around it (like bridesmaid dresses or flowers!), it means that this gown is a great fit for your wedding day vision! If you can see yourself walking down the aisle, chances are you can “say yes!”

5. If you can’t stop comparing other gowns to it.

Assuming you don’t have an immediate emotional reaction to your gown, you may decide to keep shopping. If that’s the case, one of the best ways to tell you’ve found the gown is that you can easily compare it to other gowns you’re trying on. The right gown will be at the forefront of your mind and no other dress will quite live up to it.

6. If you’re ready to be done shopping.

For us, this is the number one sign that a bride has found her gown. There are so many options nowadays for brides to search through; from multiple stores,  to Pinterest inspiration, and even online sites. Because of all these available resources, a bride can keep looking for as long as it takes to find the gown without running out of new options. That’s why it’s so important for a bride to feel that she is ready to be done with the gown shopping experience.  Your wedding gown will make you feel both at peace about ending your shopping, and excited for future planning!


As we mentioned above, no two brides find the dress the same way, so there are plenty of other ways to know that your gown is “the one” for you! Ultimately, you know yourself and your wedding day vision better than anyone else, so only you can know when you’ve found the dress!

If you’re ready to start your wedding gown search, we would love to help! Contact us with questions, start checking out our Pinterest page for inspiration, or set up an appointment to get started!


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