For the Love of Lace

If you don’t already know, Altar loves lace, but there are so many types out there!  This post will be a bit of a crash course on how to tell what type of lace dress you are getting for your special day.  Even before William and Kate said, “I do”, lace has been a growing trend.  We believe that it is because it is perfect for so many different wedding types and is both classic and timeless.

These are the four main types of laces we sell at Altar.


Alencon lace has been around since 1665 and was first designed in Alencon, France.  It is made with needles and is sometimes called the “Queen of Lace”.  Grand Peony is a type of Alencon lace.

French Bobbin Lace:

This is a video of how this lace is constructed.  Incredible!

Pins are inserted in a pillow around the outer edge of the pattern.  Small “bobbins” wound with thread are then wrapped around the different pins to create the lace.


French Chantilly:

French Chantilly lace is sometimes hard to distinguish from Alencon lace.  French Chantilly has a outlined pattern, abundant detail, and is machine made.  Rose Garden is a type of French Chantilly lace.


Venise lace is set on a coarser mesh than other and usually has a large pattern.   Two of our Ivy & Aster dresses are constructed with this type of lace: Sunflower and Morning Glory.