Finishing Touches: Finding the Perfect Bridal Accessories

We love when we can help brides find the perfect bridal accessories to finish their look! There are a world of options available to brides now, so here’s a few of our favorites from the lovely Sara Gabriel to inspire you:

The Veil:

We’ll start off with the most classic bridal accessory! While this isn’t for everyone, it’s always worth a try with your bridal look. There are several different style choices a bride can make when looking for the perfect veil:

Lillian Veil from Sara Gabriel, Bridal Accesories

Lillian Veil from Sara Gabriel

The classic long veil is a perfect way to add drama to any dress! If your dress has a lot of detail, a simpler veil is a go-to look; if you’re looking to add some more detail, a lace or beaded edge makes the veil feel more finished.

Kate Veil from Sara Gabriel, Bridal Accessories

Kate Veil from Sara Gabriel


If you’re not looking forward to dragging around a long veil all day, you can still get the feel of a veil without the length! These shorter veils are a great way to add detail to your hair (like this capelet cut veil with an awesome vintage vibe) or the back of your dress!

Hair Accessories:

Don’t worry if a veil isn’t quite your style; there are plenty of other great options out there!

The Collette Blusher from Sara Gabriel, Bridal Accessories

The Collette Blusher from Sara Gabriel

The birdcage or blusher veil is a fantastic way to add a vintage touch to your look. While they are traditionally worn around the front top half of your face, recent brides have started wearing them across the back of their hair as well!

Hair Jewelry
Lindsey Hair Chain from Sara Gabriel, Bridal Accessories

Lindsey Hair Chain from Sara Gabriel

This trend is an adorable, boho way to add sparkle to your look! These can be worn higher over the back of the head (like in the picture above), or lower down on the forehead for a vintage look.

Karly Duet from Sara Gabriel, Bridal Accesories

Karly Duet from Sara Gabriel

The simpler version of a hair chain is just a simple, single-stranded band of sparkle.  This allows for a lot of flexibility when styling your look, and is small enough not to overpower the dress.

Sakura Comb from Sara Gabriel, Bridal Accessories

Sakura Comb from Sara Gabriel

If sparkle’s not quite what you’re looking for on your wedding day, another classic wedding day addition is flowers! Since live flowers can wilt during the day, having a stylized flower comb or clip is a great way to add a floral feel to the look.


Not every dress needs a belt, but if you want to bring some extra details to your gown, a belt or sash is a great way to do it!

Alex Sash, Sara Gabriel, Bridal Accessories

Alex Sash, Sara Gabriel

A sash is a great way to add color and texture to your gown! Some brides opt to match the sash to their wedding colors for a unique pop of color! Sashes can also add flowers or unique lace cutouts.

Karly Duet from Sara Gabriel, Bridal Accessories

Karly Duet from Sara Gabriel

Another option is to add some sparkle through a simple belt. This look is great for defining your waistline and drawing out the sparkle in your other accessories!



Of course, no bridal look would be complete without the perfect bridal jewelry! The great thing about choosing special jewelry for your day is that when you have the occasion to wear it again, they carry memories of your big day. Here’s a few of our favorite styles!

Stephanie Earrings from Sara Gabriel, Bridal Accesories

Stephanie Earrings from Sara Gabriel

The perfect Bridal earrings are a blend of statement and classic. The glamorous bride may opt for large and long details, like the earrings above. Mixing opals, pearls, and diamonds also make the earring versatile for other accessories.

Mini Jennifer Earrings, Sara Gabriel, Bridal Accessories

Mini Jennifer Earrings, Sara Gabriel

The long dramatic look may not be for everyone, so another great option is a simpler, stud styled earring. You can still get the detail of a statement earring in a shorter style, and they are lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Jennifer Necklace from Sara Gabriel, Bridal Accessories

Jennifer Necklace from Sara Gabriel

Wearing a necklace varies widely depending on what type of bodice your dress has. A strapless sweetheart cut looks great with a large statement necklace, like the one above, but a v-neck may only need a simple teardrop pendant. If the dress has a high neck or a lot of detail and sparkle on the bodice, it may not even need a necklace at all!

Stephanie Bracelet from Sara Gabriel,Bridal Accessories

Stephanie Bracelet from Sara Gabriel

Bracelets are a great way to balance that gorgeous ring on your finger! Not only will the extra sparkle draw attention to your new ring, many bracelets come in a matching set with earrings or a necklace to create a complete look.


We love getting to see all these gorgeous Sara Gabriel styles on our brides! If you’ve seen something you loved, set up an appointment to come see it in person! Or, if you’re interested in learning more about our other options and customizations, you can contact us to learn more!