Everything You Need to Know about Veils

We love getting to complete your bridal look with the perfect veil. There’s just something about a veil that can perfectly complete a bridal look. However, it can definitely be quite the task to find the right veil for you! So, we wrote up a helpful little blog on everything you will need to know about veils!


The best place to start when considering what kind of veil you want is the length. Here’s a lowdown on the basic length options:

19-23″- Shoulder Length

This length is great for a cute, fluffy looking veil with lots of volume. Another upside is that it’s very easy to manage.

24-31″- Elbow Length

Hitting slightly between your shoulder and waist, this is a great option to have an in-between length veil while still keeping it on the short and manageable side.

32-48″ Fingertip Length

Of the shorter length veils, we definitely see most brides in fingertip length! It’s long enough to lay nicely over your back and transition into your train. Plus, you can start to add embellishments and details to this length without it being overwhelming next to your face.

49-71″ Waltz Length

This is a great way to have a transitional length between short and long. In our selection of veils, this length hits around mid calf and goes close to floor length!

72-87″ Sweep Length

A sweep length veil is great if you’re wanting a little bit of drama on the floor, but don’t want to extend past the length of your train.

88-107″ Chapel Length

This length is far and away our most popular length! It’s the perfect length to accentuate the train of your gown without being overpowering, and there’s lots of space for great details. (Bonus: Most of those long veils you see being blown in the wind in wedding pictures are this length!)

108-126″ Cathedral Length

For the truly dramatic bride, a Cathedral length veil is a great option. Keep in mind though, once the veil starts to extend too far past the train of your dress, it does get harder to manage. With a veil like this, you’ll definitely need someone’s help to keep it straight as you walk down the aisle.

127″+ -Royal Cathedral Length

Think Meghan Markle, and you’ve got the right idea! This veil is a crazy dramatic statement piece. If you’ve got an opulent detailed dress that won’t get overpowered by a veil like this, then go for it!


The next step in your search for a veil is finding the right cut. The way the tulle is cut and attached to the comb will change the way the tulle drapes and hangs! We took a few of the most common shapes from our favorite veil designer Sara Gabriel’s collection.

Classic Shape

This tulle is cut in a large bell shape and then gathered at the comb. This produces a fairly straight and nicely full cut veil with a soft rounded edge. This shape is great to have beading or lace detail on because it hangs evenly so you can see all those little details!

Drop Shape

A drop shape veil is cut with extra fullness at the top front. The result is a rounded fullness around your shoulders that gives a cascading effect through the length of the veil.


This veil is also called a circle cut! The veil is cut in a large circle (or oval if you are wearing a long veil)  and then draped directly over your head! There is no other extra fullness or gathering over the comb, so it lays close over your heard and dress.

Folded Mantilla

This veil is the same cut as a Mantilla veil, but instead of the comb being attached at the edge, this veil lays folded over with the comb closer to the middle. This folded layer can be worn over your head as a blusher and then folded back after you head down the aisle!

Types of Tulle

Although this is a less important detail, it can still be important to consider the type of fabric your veil is made out of. Since tulle is a delicate material, even subtle differences in the weight of the fabric can make a big difference!

Classic Tulle

Sara Gabriel’s classic tulle is pretty much the epitome of a bridal veil. It’s soft and flowy and holds volume well to get that poofy veil look.

Signature Tulle

The signature tulle from Sara Gabriel is a lighter and even softer tulle imported from Europe. This tulle is closer to the feel of a silk tulle, which can be incredibly delicate and also incredibly expensive.

Ballet Tulle

Ballet Tulle is similar in softness to signature tulle, but it has a larger gauge (giving it a more opaque look). The result is a super light fabric that just floats on air and still has a nice draping effect.


Once you’ve figured out those base pieces of your veil, it’s time to dress it up a little! There are plenty of gorgeous details that can add a little special touch to your final look.

Pencil Edge/ Cut Edge

If you like to keep things simple, then the bare minimum detail you can have is pencil edge veil! This simple line of stitching right on the edge of the veil creates a finished look without adding too much weight to the look of the veil. If even that is too much for you, a cut edge veil has absolutely no edging and will keep things easy and breezy.

Ribbon Edge

This is just one step up from the pencil edged veil. A narrow ribbon adds a little volume and heaviness to the edge of the veil without adding too much detail and taking away from the dress.


Horsehair trim is a stiff netting trim that adds volume and thickness to your edging. It almost looks like a regular piece of tulle added to the bottom of the veil, and it creates a voluminous draping to the veil.


Here’s where details can really start to add to the look of your gown! From a few well placed appliques, or a full edge of lace trim, this can really change the look of your gown! While perfectly matching veils can look great, it’s also a good idea to branch out and find laces that may complement the look of your gown so it doesn’t blend in too much.


Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? This can be scattered throughout the veil or embroidered around the edge. Either way, keep in mind that crystals and pearls can add a little extra weight to your veil and will also definitely attract attention to your veil!


Do you have more questions about veils? Let us help! Contact us with additional questions, or set up an appointment to try on some gorgeous styles for yourself!

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