Bridesmaid Shopping Advice

You’ve found your wedding dress; congratulations! Next up, it’s time to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses. For many, bridesmaid shopping can be an even more daunting task than finding the dress! But not to worry, we’ve put together some advice that we’ve found to be helpful:

1.) Plan enough time to find the dresses.

Just like your wedding dress will take a while to come in from order, bridesmaid dresses do, too! Our friends at Bella Bridesmaids recommend 4-7 months depending on the designer. It’s better to start your search sooner rather than later.

Not to mention, when you do find the dress, make sure to order in a timely fashion. Giving your girls an open ended timeline to order their dresses means procrastination!

2.) Keep budget in mind.

By agreeing to be in your wedding, your girls have committed a lot of time and money into being part of your day. Try to stay aware of this by allowing them to be vocal on the amount they want to spend on their dresses. If possible, try to allow some flexibility so that your girls can comfortably afford not only the dress, but also alterations, shoes, and accessories!

3.) Pick your colors and stick with them.

Find your color scheme for your wedding, and especially one or two colors you would like for your dresses. A lot of times, that will narrow down your choices significantly.

Another way to go at it is to choose a color palette that you would like your girls in and allow them to choose their own shades. The upside to having a range of choices is that every girl has the ability to choose a color she is most comfortable in.

4.) Keep the silhouette in mind.

Chances are, your girls are all shaped differently from each other. Bridesmaid dresses are usually designed with this in mind, so it’s important to try the dresses you like on a few different body types to make sure they’re comfortable in it across the board.

The same as with colors, you can choose to give your girls a little more flexibility and choose their own styles. This is certainly an easier option for you, since you won’t have to find a dress that looks good on everyone. However, you should still take care to make sure all the dresses look good together. For instance, if all of your girls except one or two choose a strapless dress, the few that didn’t may stand out more than the ones that blend in.

5.) Stay true to your style.

Whatever your choices are, whether its the same across the board or every girl in a different style or color, just make sure that you love it. Ultimately, it is your wedding, and you deserve to feel happy with the whole look.

Feeling ready to start your bridesmaid shopping? Check out our friends right down the street from us, Bella Bridesmaids!

Still looking for your wedding gown? We’d love to help! Contact us with questions or set up an appointment to start the process of finding your dress!


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