What Is A Trunk Show?

We often hear the question: “So what’s a trunk show anyway? Is it like a sample sale?”

Well, yes, and no. Yes, in that there are lots of dresses to choose from and great incentives that are offered. No, in that the dress you fall in love with is not the one you walk out the door with that day.

A Trunk Show is a special event in which we showcase a designer’s newest collection of gowns. Since we only carry a selection of gowns from each of our designer’s collections in our normal inventory, trunk shows allow brides the opportunity to see and try on gowns that would not ordinarily be at the store. Occasionally, we host the designer or a designer representative which allows brides to meet someone that knows the gowns inside and out (literally). Since the gowns are so new, we are still learning about them too. This is also a great opportunity to chat about any questions you have or modifications you think might take the gown on the rack to pure perfection for your big day.

Our trunk shows are planned well in advance and our shows typically last three to four days over the weekend. But, once the trunk show is over, the dresses go bye-bye and are off to another show in another city. However, we like to reward those that take advantage of our trunk shows and place their order that weekend so we offer various discounts and fun incentives. We try to mix it up each time to keep it interesting.

Are you ready to take on a trunk show? We hope to see you at the next one. Check out our currently scheduled shows here>>>