Sample Sale Advice

A SAMPLE SALE is a sure way to score a beautiful designer gown at a great price BUT not without first understanding fully what a sample sale is and what to expect.  Here are a few of our thoughts and tips to think about before deciding to attend a sample sale. And if you want a sneak peek of just some of the gowns that are currently available for purchase off the rack and will be included in any future sample sale, check out our SAMPLE SALE page.

1. You will hear over and over again that a sample sale is a great way to get a dress on the cheap, but it’s not necessarily where you should start your shopping experience.  During a sample sale you may only have the opportunity to try on gowns that are part of the sale.  If you are interested in gowns that the store carries that are not on sale, you may need to make a separate appointment to do so.

2. Sample sale gowns are the stock pieces in the store that one would normally try on during an appointment when shopping for a gown.  Therefore, some of the gowns do have a bit of wear and tear.  We would never sell a gown that was beyond repair, but most gowns do need a bit of a cleaning and we can definitely help to arrange that.

3. Sample sale gowns are typically in a bridal size 10 or 12.  These sizes typically translate into a standard size 6-10 and a bra cup size of a B/C.   The standard length of a gown typically does not work well for someone that is shorter than 5′ or taller than 5’10.  Bridal gowns can typically be tailored down 2-3 sizes, however much more difficult to go up in size.

4. Bring the helpful decision makers and come ready to commit if you are serious about finding your gown at a sample sale.  Gowns can not be held for you to think it over or have someone else chime in with their opinion at a later date.  Sales are a love at first sight kind of event so be prepared to buy if you “fall in love” with THE gown and can’t stand the idea of walking away from it (another reason for #1 above).