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Blushing Bride


Spring is here, and with it a perfectly pretty trend has emerged.  Color is peeking its shy head into the white and ivory world of bridal fashion.  Surged by Reese Witherspoon’s recent blush bridal gown, and echoed throughout the new bridal fashions, designers and brides alike are seeing in color!    ciao,    

A Royal Affair


We are all wondering; who/what will Catherine Middleton wear on her larger than life day?  Here in Missouri, we will not know until 6 a.m. on April 29. Until then, we can only speculate.  One thing for sure is it will be a local (UK) designer. Will it be traditional or modern? Will it be […]

Here Comes the Royal Bride


On April 29th, the princess story of a new generation will be told when Prince William takes Kate Middleton to be his bride. And the big question on our minds … who will Kate be wearing? Why are we eagerly awaiting this unveiling? (Other than the fact that we are bridal fashion junkies!) This Royal Wedding is […]