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Real Bride Kayli M Photo by Rox Bennet Photography

Real Bride: Kayli M.


From the Bride: Jacob and I started dating in high school and then went off to separate colleges. We were in a long distance relationship for 5 years! Jacob joined the Air Force and was accepted into Pilot Training, which meant he had to move to Enid, Oklahoma. It was time for us to start […]

Real Bride Megan H, Photo by Kindling Photography

Real Bride: Megan H.


  From the Bride: How they Met: We have a very romantic love story. Long story short, we met at a dreamy college party and the rest was history. After meeting, we were inseparable. We spent the next eight years together before deciding to get married. We were engaged in October of 2016 while traveling […]

Real Bride Kara H. Photo by Photography by Neyan

Real Bride: Kara H.


From the Bride: How they Met: CJ and I met while we were at Benedictine College, where he played baseball and I played soccer. Funny story: we actually had a class together my freshman, his sophomore year and I sat directly in front of him (and I always thought he was super cute). However, it […]


Real Bride: Traci B.


  From the Bride: How they Met: One of my best friends was dating one of Daniel’s good friends and that is how we met. A group of us went out one night, Daniel and I were introduced, and we’ve basically been inseparable ever since. We’ve actually had a lot of mutual friends since we were […]

Photo by JSi Photography, Top 10 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Top 10 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips


Shopping for your wedding dress can feel like an enormously complicated process! But, it doesn’t need to be that way! To make this feel a little more manageable to brides, here’s our top ten wedding dress shopping tips that we’ve found to be extremely helpful: 10. Shop Early Wedding dresses can take a long time […]


Real Bride: Rachel M.


From the Bride: How they Met: Before we made the leap to boyfriend and girlfriend, Alex and I were friends for three years. We were students at Rockhurst University, and it was Alex’s side hobby that eventually led to a romance. See, my senior year, Alex started a swing-dancing class on campus. I joined the […]


Real Bride: Justine D.


From the Bride: The Engagement: Cody and I started dating in June of 2013 and got engaged in August of 2016. Right away, we were thrown into probably the busiest year of our lives as we began to prepare for our wedding day! We planned, dreamed, prayed, hoped, and planned some more as August 5, […]

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Winter Trends: Gowns with Sleeves


Fall weddings are going to be turning into winter weddings soon! One of our favorite Winter Wedding trends right now is wedding gowns with sleeves! Not only is it perfect for a little extra warmth, it’s also a gorgeous style addition that looks great with multiple silhouettes of dress.  Check out some of the favorites […]